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The Pros and Cons of Refurbished Medical Equipment

refurbished medical equipmentPlanning for medical equipment purchases can be a bit of a process. There are many medical equipment companies offering a variety of products to suit the needs of complex healthcare environments. As you consider the various options, you may also want to question whether refurbished medical equipment could deliver the technology you need with a cost savings that presents the best value.

Savings can be great on refurbished medical equipment such as operating tables and large diagnostic equipment as compared to the price tag on new medical equipment. You may be surprised to find that many late models are available as refurbished medical equipment and that the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) would be glad to service them.

When searching for the best refurbished equipment vendor, have these tips handy:

1. Ask whether they offer a warranty

2.  Ask about their process for testing and certifying the equipment

3. Request user manuals with your purchase

4. Inquire about their return policy

5. See if they will offer Fair Market Value for your trade-in

6. Consider renting the equipment before committing to the purchase

Once you have found a reliable, well-established refurbished medical equipment vendor, work with them to select the most appropriate product. There's no sense paying for extra features you don't need and will likely never use. There are a few instances where refurbished medical equipment may not cost all that much less than new healthcare equipment, for example: there is not much cost difference between new and refurbished for products without a technology component, such as stainless steel items or overbed tables.

Refurbished medical equipment can be a great option in many cases; these vendors have been in business for years because satisfied customers have kept coming back. In fact, growth is projected for this market for the next two or more years.

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