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The Importance of a 3rd Party Equipment Planner

Enlisting an equipment planner for the success of your construction project can make all the difference. In recent experience, one of our clients realized that difference to the tune of over $130,000 in savings! This was the result of a significant reduction in the total of a quote for patient monitoring.

Hospital Administration and the department director worked with a vendor to obtain a quote on monitors for their new Infusion Clinic, a quote that came in shockingly higher than our client normally sees for this level of care.

We conducted a series of discussions: with our client about their standards of care, with the hospital about their projected needs for the department, and with the vendor about their product options. From these talks we developed a solution that met the unique needs of the department's patient population while still adhering to corporate goals and standards.

The initial quote was developed with some misunderstanding about the level of technology needed, and the final quote offered compromise with the majority of monitors configured to standard and a few with additional parameters for enhanced patient care.

These changes dropped the quote by $130,000 and brought the monitors back within budget!


About Partners' Construction Equipment Planning Services

Partners has specialized exclusively in healthcare services for over 20 years. We offer the flexibility to select only those services most appropriate for your project: Inventory and Assessment of Existing Equipment, Preliminary Equipment Budget, Design Phase Support, Construction Phase Support, Procurement Assistance. Call us at 1-800-270-7582 to find out firsthand why "It's Good to Have a Partner!"

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