Friday, 2 March 2018
What is Fair Market Value and How Can It Help My Business?


By definition, Fair market value (FMV) is an estimate of the market value of a property, based on what a willing, unpressured buyer would likely pay to a willing, unpressured seller in the market. Determining FMV will most often involve consideration of age, condition, original cost, market evidence of buy/sell transactions for same/similar property and in some cases, the status of technology (i.e. medical and computer equipment). There are several variations to a simple buy/sell transaction caused by respective circumstances that will impact the value assigned. Several examples of common instances would be:

  • FMV/Continued Use – (property is to remain in its current operating environment)
  • FMV/Orderly Liquidation – (seller has the opportunity to seek out buyers)
  • FMV/Forced Liquation – (i.e. auction)

Why Do I Need A Valuation?

A seller or buyer may elect to engage an expert appraiser to conduct a valuation in order to establish an objective, third-party perspective. If so, two options exist:

  • Desktop Valuation – seller provides to the appraiser a listing of property to be valued with item description, manufacturer, model, age, operating condition and approximate original cost. Pictures of any property assumed to have significant value should be included.
  • Site-Visit Valuation – appraiser completes a visual inspection of the property to be valued via an inventory

The desktop version offers the seller a lower cost alternative to the site-visit version, as the time and cost of a visit are avoided. The desktop version works well when there are limited items to be valued and/or the property is considered to be of relatively low value (i.e. furniture, low-end business equipment). In comparison, a site-visit valuation may be optimal if the subject property is assumed to be of considerable value or if there is a high probability the valuation will be entered as evidence in litigation.

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Posted on 03/02/2018 3:22 PM by Partners Healthcare Group
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