Date: 19/07/2018
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Team PARTNERS Escapes!

This Friday afternoon, Partners Healthcare Group enjoyed a belated holiday party at The Escape Game Nashville. If you haven't been, it's an adventure you don't want to miss. Here's a glimpse into our experience:

Stress levels were soaring, pulses were racing, and the clock was ticking. With each passing minute, away went our hopes of making it out in time. It was going to take all of us to break free, and we knew it. We had to team up, focus hard, and give it our all. The room was abuzz with chatter and voices shouting out numbers and words - a cacophany of attempted solutions to puzzles. Objects were being thrown about in a desperate attempt to beat the clock. Despite the chaos and confusion, our resolve did not falter. In the end, we watched as one shaking hand tried the doorknob. For a split second when the door opens we stood in disbelief before erupting into cheers and hollers and hi-fives. We did it. WE ESCAPED!

Escape Game

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