Asset Inventory & Reconciliation

Inventory & Reconciliation

Asset Audit and ReconciliationA Tangible Personal Property Audit & Reconciliation results in an accurate asset ledger to correct any deviation of actual inventory as compared to existing ledger records and establishes protocol for more efficient management of medical equipment assets moving forward.

  • A Partners Inventory Team performs a complete physical tagging of tangible personal property owned by your facility
  • Inventory data is standardized on: Type, Manufacturer, and Model, producing a consistent, easy to understand and easy to navigate asset file
  • Information on all assets tagged is then reconciled to your facility's existing asset ledger

For-Profit organizations typically receive the added benefit of a Property Tax reduction as items discovered to be no longer in service are retired.

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Asset Inventory and Tagging

A comprehensive inventory reveals equipment needs as well as equipment that has years' worth of useful life, giving the owner potential to maximize the remaining value of any equipment. Assigning barcode tags capitalizes on time spent inventorying; it turns the point-in-time view of existing equipment captured through the inventory into a working tool that can be utilized well beyond the project's closeout. Tags will be useful for logistical planning for any construction projects and for financial accounting for the life of the equipment.