Equipment Planning

Making good equipment decisions results in great business investments. Partners facilitates decisions that result from jointly addressing patient care expectations, business objectives, and funds available. When there is a need to add an Equipment Planning member to your construction team, Partners is able to provide any or all of these services:

  • Equipment Budget Development & Maintenance
  • Evaluation of Existing Equipment for Reuse, Redeployment, or Disposal
  • Creation of Equipment Specifications to meet patient care expectations
  • Medical Equipment Mechanical/Plumbing/Electrical and Space Requirements
  • Vendor Equipment Drawings
  • Equipment Procurement (Purchase Order & Delivery Schedule Management)

Given Partners' expertise and years of experience, we bring ideas for ensuring the medical equipment needs of any construction project are correctly anticipated and successfully met. After careful consideration of your organization's goals, Partners will deliver a custom solution that best meets your objectives.

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Partners uses the industry's leading healthcare equipment software: Attainia.





Budget numbers that you can count on for accuracy are key elements of a successful project. Whether it is a preliminary budget to assess project feasibility and scope or a final construction budget to build to, Partners has the equipment cost data and experience to create and deliver accurate project budgets.   You won't really know what equipment you need until you confirm what you already have and how it's currently functioning to meet patient service goals. The equipment planning process begins with an inventory performed by an experienced team who works quickly, with minimum interruption so that patient care, facility workflow, and productivity are not compromised.




Developing the Owner Furnished Equipment Brochure is best accomplished with access to lots of equipment data including space requirements and mechanical/plumbing/electrical specifications. Partners subscribes to Attainia for the industry's leading capital equipment catalog, which includes tens of thousands of products from thousands of suppliers; this catalog offers instant access to the most current equipment specifications. A comprehensive OFE brochure will enable all members of the construction project team to be most effective and efficient with their equipment responsibilities.
  Ensuring your equipment will fully function to serve the needs of your patients is essential to any construction project. Partners will work with your facility, your design team, and your chosen vendors throughout the design development process to streamline equipment decisions that impact construction and to provide site specific vendor drawings that provide all the information needed to complete the design.




Turning your equipment plans into reality can be easier said than done. You'll need accurate quotes on all equipment to be sure you're within budget, and you'll need to coordinate delivery and installation with the vendor(s) to be sure your project stays on schedule. Partners has quick access to quote information for a broad spectrum of medical equipment products but has no preference or contract with any manufacturer. The choice is yours, and Partners will make the process of realizing your medical equipment plans easy and seamless.   A Woman-Owned Small Business and Limited Liability Company, Partners has been providing Initial Outfitting & Transition Services (IOTS) to the Government as part of a Multiple Award Task Order Contract (MATOC) for over 3 years. Typical projects include both medical and dental care facilities and involve: Project Management; Equipment Planning; Interior Design; IT Services; Bio-Med Services; Transition Services; Relocation Services; Installation, Testing, & Training Services; and Final Turnover and Closeout Services. Our NAICS Codes are 541611, 541614, and 541410.